ISCNE Events and Information

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DATE                               EVENT                                         LOCATION                                    INFORMATION

May14,                       ISCCC Specialty                                    TollanAgricultural  Center                 PREMIUM                                 
 2017                                                                                              Vernon, CT    

May 15-20               ISCA National                                      Crowne Plaza Hote                          PREMIUM
 2017                             Specialty Show                                      Warwick, RI                              INFO

May 27 & 28,       New England Sporting Group                  CheshireFairgrounds,                            
                              Association supported shows                        247  Monadnock Hwy              INFO
                                                                                                       Swanzey,  NH

June 2, 2017         ISCNE  Specialty Show                  Crackerbarrel  Fairgrounds              use link on conformation
                                                                                         Wrentham, MA                                or home page


June 3, 2017           Membership Meeting                               Crackerbarrel Fairgrounds         INFO

                                                                                                    Wrentham, MA                      

June 3 & 4, 2017     Ladies Dog Club                                       Crackerbarrel Fairgrounds                INFO
                                     Supported Entries                                           Wrentham, MA

July 23, 2017             Annual Membership Meeting                                                                       INFO
                                  Awards and Election                                                                              Final Slate

October 6,7 &8,        Harvest Specialty Shows                         Toland Agricultural Center            
2017                                                                                            Tolland, CT