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The ISCNE accepts applications for membership from all who love the breed. Members are entitled to participate in all club activities including meetings, elections and club sponsored activities. Members agree to abide by the by-laws and adhere to - the purposes of ISCNE, the rules of the American Kennel Club as well as those of the Irish Setter Club of America.

Membership dues are paid annually and currently are: $15 for Active Individual member, $20 for Active Household and $5 for a junior (10-16 years old).

Applications are accepted at any time. They must be submitted to the Membership Chairperson with the signature of 2 club members in good standing as sponsors as well as the dues for the current year. The name of the applicant for membership shall be proposed at the first regular meeting of the Club attended by the applicant following receipt of the completed application with dues. A vote shall be taken by secret ballot at the second regular meeting of the Club attended by the applicant. An affirmative vote of 2/3 of the members present & eligible to vote shall be required for election to membership. Club meetings are typically held in March, June, July, September, and December. If you do not have 2 sponsors for membership, please request assistance from 

 Geri Payne, Membership Chair

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