The honor of being the first Local Irish Setter Club belongs to the Irish Setter Club of New England.  On November 14, 1928 a group of twelve New Englanders gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Roderic Blood in Newton Center, MA and organized the Irish Setter Club of Massachusetts (which it was called for a short time). John Cuneo, a judge and 11th President of ISCA was designated the club’s first President. The twelve founding members were: Mr. and Mrs. George W. Alden, Mr. William W. Allen, Mr. and Mrs. John A. Cuneo, Mrs. Marchione DeFatta, Mrs. F.J. Doyle, Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Forbes, Mr. Robert H. Johnson, and Mr. and Mrs. Roderic M. Blood. Two months after that first meeting, realizing that interest was more than state-wide, the members changed the name to The Irish Setter Club of New England. Being the only Local Club, it attracted members from neighboring states and from the Year Books, we find nationally known names: ISCA Presidents: John Cuneo, also a judge; Dr. Gilman S. Currier; Hon. Walter C. Ellis; Lester O. Gatchell, judge; Joseph P. Knight, judge; Lee M. Schoen, judge.  ISCA Board members: Richard Adams, AKC Executive; Edwin Berolzheimer, judge; Laura Delano, judge; E.I. Eldredge, AKC executive, judge; Maron B. Neville; Doris Swain, judge.  Judges: Barbara Brodie, George Brodie, Claire Andrews, John L. Downs, Mrs. Edwin Dresser, Frank J. Fiore.
During the first two years the membership increased from 12 to over 60. In this period its principal activities centered around increasing Irish Setter entries in shows, offering prizes and trophies, and compiling an annual list of trophies for competition among members.
    A new period in the club’s development began in 1930 when Mr. and Mrs. E.S. Lake contributed a generous check for the purpose of putting on an Irish Setter Specialty Show. The direct result was the first "Banner Show" as it was then called, held in the fall of 1930 in conjunction with the Worcester County KC. Frank Addyman judged an entry of over 70 including 17 champions, an unheard of number at that time. The Banner Show has now become their Specialty Show and is held in early summer.
    On April 29, 1933 an informal field day was held at Millwood Farm in Framingham, MA. The club’s first AKC Field Trial was held in May, 1938 at Newport and Little Compton, RI.  
    Obedience was in its infancy in America in 1938 but ISCNE members were beginning to train their dogs.  Many C.D.s, a scattering of C.D.X.s and a few U.D.s have been earned by member-owner dogs.
    ISCNE has hosted four ISCA Region I National Specialties: the 9tth in 1981, held in Danvers, MA, the 17th in 1989 held in Newport, RI, the 25th in 1997 held in Warwick, RI. and the 33rd in 2005 held in Warwick, RI.*
A historical perspective of the ISCNE forwarded by Carol Levesque from an article by Ann Looney, Paula McAteer, Doris Swain and Lester Gatchell published in the ISCA Centennial Edition,Vol 1 History, 1991.

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