The ISCNE attempts to find new homes for Irish Setters who for a variety of different reasons such as owners who are no longer able to care for their dog(s), strays, abandoned dogs, or who are identified as being in an unstable environment. The ISCNE rescue program is an important activity in our club. Please be aware that many "rescued dogs" will be without AKC registration papers and that assistance in establishing the purebred nature of these dogs is not guaranteed but may be done with the assistance of the club's rescue committee. The efforts of the ISCNE rescue committee and those who adopt and care for rescued Irish Setters is valued by everyone and especially by those who love the breed. The first 2 pictures on the left are Mandy, the oldest of the NH 19, who was in extremely precarious condition when rescued. She was nursed back to health and spent her final days in the loving home of Carol and Steve Levescue On Thursday, Jan, 6, 2005 -Claire Marx forwarded this message with the picture on the far right - This is one of the rescue dogs I currently have.... I was taking my Christmas card photos of two of my own dogs and she barked until I put the wreath around her neck... what a ham! On Sunday, Sept, 12, 2004 -Lois Goepfert forwarded the third picture from the left - I am sending pictures taken last week of Buddy, one of the NH 19. Buddy is an elder statesman, retired from his ‘show career’ but still able to strut his stuff. Though retired he still manages to take care of business, here shown inspecting the vegetables and flowers.
For more information about adopting a rescue dog, please contact: Claire Marx 421 Falmouth Road Windham, Maine 04062   Rescue Application
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